Thursday, 27 June 2019

We Stopped Publishing New Blog Posts for One Month. Here’s What Happened

One of the implicit values in our Buffer marketing is to challenge assumptions.

And one of the biggest 카지노 에이전트 assumptions I have about our content is that we should be publishing original articles to the blog multiple times each week.

Well … what might happen if we didn’t?

To find out, we stopped publishing new content for 30 days, focusing instead on repurposing and refreshing our content from the archives. I’d love to share with you every single thing we tried 카지노 여자 and all that we learned, both what worked and what didn’t.

I’d love to share at the top here how the experiment went and then get into a lot more detail below for anyone interested in the specifics.

Having not published 카지노 여자 앵벌이 original content on the blog for 30 days, we saw only a 4 percent dip in traffic compared to the previous month.

The extra time off allowed us to experiment with content in some amazing ways. Our most successful experiments were these:

  • Create new email drip campaigns based on Buffer blog posts
  • Update older blog posts with new information, graphics
  • Create SlideShares
  • Republish content to Medium
  • Bundle tools posts into Product Hunt collections

I’m happy to explain fully how 카지노 용어 we went about this experiment and all of the 14 strategies that we tried. And happy to clarify anything in the comments!